Nikolay Chadaev was born in 1988. He started to play chess at 6.

In 2006 he got IM title.

In 2010 he got GM title.

In 2011 he graduated from Russian State Social University and started to teach at it.


Spain 2004

San Aqustin Open

1 place

Sochi 2004

Youth Russian Championship U16(Rapid)

3 place

Sochi 2004

Russian Championship U16

1 place

St.-Petersburg, Russia 2008

Russian Championship U20

1-2 place

Moscow 2008

Match Russia-France(Rapid)

1 place

Moscow 2008

Match Russia-Germany

1 place

Moscow 2010

Moscow Championship

1 place

Moscow 2011

Moscow Championship

1 place

India  2012

Odisha International Grand Master Open chess championship (KIIT Cup-2012)

2 place

Astana 2012

Semifinal World Blitz Championship   

3 place

Astana 2012

World Blitz Championship 

10-11 place

Moscow  2012

Moscow Championship (Blitz)

2-3 place

St. Petersburg 2013

St. Petersburg Summer (Chess 960, Rapid)  

1 place

As a result of successful perfomances he was ranked 23rd in World rating list (Blitz) in 2013.

Coach experience

Since 2011 he has become a head coach of  the University students team, the multiple champion among the universities.

The students' successful results

The students' successful results

- Polina Rodionova – the silver medalist of World Youth Championship in 2012 and the winner of Russian Youth Championship G19

- Alexandra Afanasieva – the  winner of Russian Youth Championship G11 in 2013 and the winner of European Cadet championship G13 in 2016.

-Victoriia Kirchei – the bronze medalist of Russian Youth Championship G13 in 2017, the silver medalist

of Russian Youth Championship( rapid) G13 in 2017, the winner of Russian Youth Championship(blitz)

G13 in 2017.

In 2017 he trained Botswana youth team which has become the winner and has taken 9 medals of African Youth Championship.

In 2018 he trained women team of Botswana before Olympiad in Georgia.

 Also he has rich experience working with GMs and IMs from Russia and other countries.

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